History Of Concierge Medicine

The first concierge medical practice was established in 1996 and this style of medicine has become quite popular since that time. According to the Concierge Medicine Research Collective, the number of adult concierge physicians has grown 900% between 2005 and 2010 to include over 5,000 practitioners and is expected to increase to an estimated 17,000 practitioners. Pediatric concierge medicine started in 2005 and is emerging from its infancy period of development thanks to the wide appeal of adult concierge medicine.

Pediatric Concierge Medicine

Adult concierge medicine was the initial form of this personal style of medicine and its popularity is still growing. Pediatric concierge is clearly in the innovative stages. Fortunately, the majority of the public and the medical community have already been educated as to its benefits. Many parents and doctors desire to make the change from an over-stressed, high-volume practice controlled by politics and insurance to one that is uniquely efficient, personalized and cost effective. With the right formula, a pediatrician can establish a successful concierge practice.

Member Benefits

  • Extended and detailed appointments with your Pediatrician
  • Same-day appointments
  • After hour appointments when deemed necessary by your Pediatrician
  • Phone advice by your pediatrician only
  • Access to your Pediatrician via email, phone or text 24/7
  • Minimal to no waiting room time
  • Virtual appointments: email, text (When appropriate) and facetime
  • Extensive patient and family education
  • Decreased unnecessary ER visits
  • Unlimited visits
  • Priority visits at First Pediatric Urgent Care
  • Comprehensive wellness plan for your child
  • A complimentary nutrition and wellness consultation from a certified nutritionist
  • Recommendations for precautionary medications for travel abroad

Fees For Concierge Services

First Pediatric Urgent Care Concierge care takes pediatric care to a whole new level! In order to give our patients the utmost attention and care, we are limiting the practice to 100 patients at this time. Patients will be accepted on a first come, first served basis and we will establish a wait list if needed in the event that openings become available.

Membership Options  Monthly Annual*
1st Child $250 $3000
2nd Child $165 $1980
3rd Child $145 $1740
4th Child + (no additional fees) (no additional fees)

*If annual fees are paid in full a 10% discount will be given.

Concierge Members Visit Costs If Not Using Insurance Price
Newborn Visit $100
In-Office Urgent Care Visit $200
In-Office Visit Preventative $150
Home Visit Urgent $250
Home Visit Preventative $350
Hospital Visit $250
Non-Member Visit Cost If Not Using Insurance         Price
In-Office Visit $400
Home Visit $500

Types Of Appointments

Health Management Review

As a regular part of your child’s comprehensive health care, your pediatrician reviews your child’s medical records quarterly to attend to current and future health needs and to coordinate health care.

Checkups & Sports/Camp Physicals

First Pediatric Urgent Care’s goal is to give each patient the best wellness care possible. Regular doctor visits are an important part of keeping your child healthy. First Pediatric Urgent Care will evaluate your child’s growth, discuss any behavior, educational or nutritional issues and answer any questions you may have. Sports pre-participation exams should be done at least one month before your paperwork must be turned in so that issues or conditions that might put your child at risk in sport can be recognized and attended to.

Prenatal & “To-Meet” Appointments

A complimentary appointment can be scheduled for those who have not yet chosen their pediatrician and would like to meet and interview Dr. Antonyrajah or our other pediatricians about her medical philosophy and her unique practice.

Newborn Exams

Our pediatricians who are parents as well have been helping parents with parenthood for more than 30 years. They have been privileged to perform hundreds of newborn and infant exams. By coming into your home, our pediatricians can take care of all your family’s pediatric medical needs and help you create a healthy environment for your newborn baby.

Sick Visits

At First Pediatric Urgent Care, you have a direct line to the doctor without going through a nurse, receptionist or answering service. If your child is ill, the doctor can help answer questions, prescribe a treatment or schedule a visit that same day. We will always see your child if you think it is necessary, unless a visit to First Pediatric Urgent Care Urgent Care Center is more appropriate.

Hospital Stays

If your child needs hospital care, the doctor will be there helping to coordinate care and ensure that your child is getting the attention he or she deserves. He will be able to consult with all hospitalists and specialists, and communicate to you in nonmedical jargon what’s being done for your child’s health. There are no additional charges for this service as an established full service patient in the practice. Your child, if hospitalized, will be directly under the care of the hospitalist with whom our team will communicate with. Our doctors have privileges at all the children’s hospitals in Orlando.


Immunizations are the best defense against dangerous illnesses and have saved more lives than all the doctors who have ever lived or ever will live, and all the antibiotics that have ever been used or ever will be used. First Pediatric Urgent Care will discuss the pros and cons of immunization with you and help you keep your child’s vaccinations updated to protect your child.

Phone, Skype, Facetime, and Email Consultations

As a Full Service member of the practice, you will have a direct phone line access to the doctor. You can talk over any medical issues or questions you may have. Similarly, through electronic patient portals and other technology, you’ll be able to communicate directly, refill prescriptions and look up useful medical information.

Limited Service Participation

Sick Visits

After your first house-call visit, all future sick visits can be scheduled directly with the doctor, without going through a nurse, receptionist or answering service. If your child is ill, the doctor can help answer questions, prescribe a treatment or schedule a visit that same day. We will always see your child if you think it is necessary, unless a visit to the ER or Immediate Care Center is more appropriate.

Second Opinions

Sometimes parents are uncertain as to the nature or diagnosis of their child’s current health issues or are uncertain about recommended treatments by their child’s primary physician. We are happy to offer a second opinion on request. Our specialized pediatricians will review records provided by you, explore the history of the problem with you and provide an appropriate physical. We will discuss treatment options with you and on request, provide a written report to your child’s primary physician with our recommendations and/or provide treatment for you if preferred.


Sometimes a child’s primary physician is uncomfortable with a health area where that doctor’s experience, expertise or time is limited, and parents will seek healthcare elsewhere for a more complicated issue, while continuing general healthcare with their primary pediatrician. Our highly specialized pediatricians can offer their time, experience and expertise in many areas of general pediatrics, e.g. asthma, eczema, allergy, chest pain, syncope, chronic illness as well as developmental and behavioral pediatrics, e.g. ADD/ADHD, school and learning problems, children with chronic and special health care needs like mechanical ventilation and complex medical problems and parents planning international adoption.

Camp Physicals

First Pediatric Urgent Care is pleased to offer camp physicals for your children as needed.

Sport Physicals

First Pediatric Urgent Care will provide sport pre-participation physical exams for your children as needed. She recommends that this exam be done at least one month before the paperwork must be turned in so that issues or conditions that might put your child at risk in sport can be recognized and attended to.

Well Checkups, Preventive Health Care, Immunizations & Health Mangement Review

These services of comprehensive well care and healthy checkups with immunizations, the monitoring of chronic health conditions and health management review are NOT included in Limited Service Participation. You may change to Full Service Participation at any time with adequate notice to the practice and a prorated adjustment in your participation fee.

Non-Retainer Services

Our doctors will see your child without an ongoing participation fee for sick care, second opinion and consultative serves. Well child care is not offered without a quarterly participation fee. Camp and sport pre-participation exams are available without a participating agreement with the practice. Full and Limited Participation Agreements for care as defined above result in charges for house calls that are significantly discounted from the above fee schedule without participation agreements.