A sprain is a stretched or torn ligament. Ligaments are tissues that connect bones at a joint. Falling, twisting, or getting hit can all cause a sprain. Ankle and wrist sprains are the most common. Symptoms include pain, swelling, bruising, and being unable to move your joint.

A strain is a stretched or torn muscle or tendon. Tendons are tissues that connect muscle to bone. Twisting or pulling these tissues can cause a strain. Strains can happen suddenly or develop over time. Many people get strains playing sports. Symptoms include pain, muscle spasms, swelling, and trouble moving the muscle.

Treatment of both sprains and strains usually involves resting the injured area, icing it, wearing a bandage or device that compresses the area, and medicines.

It is important to see a doctor about your sprain or strain, so that you can get the right treatment. We can examine your child and perform the necessary x-ray or scans to diagnose and treat all types of sprains and strains.